Clinch Studs

  • Category: Clinch Studs
  • Material: SS ,MS, Brass, Copper
  • Thread Type: Cliniches
  • Head Type: Six Lobe (TORX), Pan , counter sunk (CSK head), fillister, Pozi Drive
  • Point Type: Dog, Cup, Gimlet, B Type, AB Type, BT Cut

Product Details

A stud is essentially just a piece of threaded bar. This often resembles a machine screw without a head, although some studs to have heads that get permanently incorporated into the part they are attached to. Studs are often designed to be permanently attached to one part, proving a means of attaching another part in conjunction with a nut. This type of stud may be welded, swaged or bonded to attach it and may, therefore, have a small head to enable this.