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        Sunil Ashok kadam

The company was founded in 1978 by Mr.Ashok Kadam. Starting of this company was very big achievements of a farmer. But the work is worship for Mr. Kadam and they keep their goods with standard quality. After they pass Mr. Sunil Ashok Kadam ride the company as the leader in fastener industry. The company services over 5,000 customers and employs many people.

The company Ashok industries is put milestone in the fasteners Industry. We are the master distributor of fastener products, which include commercial, automobile and electronic components. We represent a broad spectrum of the world's most prominent quality manufacturers and we have variety of different part numbers in stock.

Today we have well equipped manufacturing plants, with latest technology as well as skilled and learned workforce. This helps to perfect our products to the minutest of details, achieving near zero-defect results, assuring the High Quality & Life Long Durability. We strictly follow International Standards like DIN, ISO, IS, ASTM, BS, ANSI etc. for production. The modern lab equipments facilitate in maintaining quality and constantly innovating our production methods, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. We have expertise not only in standard products, but also in made-to-order customized products

It is not only the quality of our products, which is continuously improved by our R&D department, but also the service for our customers that we regard as essential for the quality our company provides. Our aim is to understand each one of our customers better than our competitors do by individually servicing them according to their needs and by adapting our services to individual requests our vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services.

Ashok Fasteners Corporate headquarters is located in Gut No. 1536 Sonavane Wasti, Chikhali Road, Jotibanagar, Talawade , pune-412 114, Maharashtra, India. Lots of companies talk about commitment, but at Ashok Fastener industry, we do more than talk. We truly put commitment into practice every day by giving you the highest quality products, engineering capabilities and value-added services at the lowest cost of ownership.

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